Memorial Service




My Father -

Sensitive, stubborn, a storyteller, insightful, loving, opinionated, direct, warm, funny, one of a kind, a strong man with the most gentle of touches.

He was a healer.

Growing up, I have endless images of him sitting with any one of us until the wee hours of the morning, talking and talking...and talking! He had a rare, non-judgemental and amazing way of making the most impossible problems seem workable. With a squeeze of my arm or a touch of my hand he gave strength and could miraculously make life's pains and difficulties bearable. He challenged himself and all he touched to live life aggressively and fully; don't let fear paralyze you. Make mistakes, risk failure but try without regret.

Most importantly he was my Dad. I was so lucky to have such a wonderful father and I thank my Mom for choosing such a special man.

Tuesday evening my mother said it most clearly as she touched each of those amazing eyebrows and as we held his soft, beautiful hands, softly she said, "There's not a thing about him I don't love."

Go with peace, my Papa. I love you.

Sharon Gahagan Halnon 7/10/99