Memorial Service




This spring Jim was enjoying the early warmth.

He had cheated the winter to be in New Zealand teaching.

He was working on a painting, watching the greens of the meadow and trees blowing in the wind.

They provided his source and his process, linking the abstract to the natural, inspired by color of garden, sky, and sun.

He used up an hour of his friend Andrea Pearlman's time at the Johnson Art Store-- she helping him to find a very particular green. He apologized for being such a bother. "Oh, no," said Andrea, "it's such a change to have a customer who knows what he wants." They found the green -- his last painting was completed last week.

It seemed that he derived his energy from watching the woods, walking and hunting in them -- ever since he first came to Vermont as a 15 year old in Plainfield at Goddard College. He opened his summer school for art in 1971 in Woodbury, Vermont and moved in permanently. Many of the students he taught also became residents and friends.

These past few days these dear friends have been a great wonderful support -- they have lent their considerable talents and strengths to see that Jim is honored. We share Jim's presence in our hearts.

Jim did know what he wanted -- now he is a part of it, living in the lake surface and in his paintings and in all of us whom he benefited.

Thank you all here. Jim must love this great unity.

Pat DeGogorza Gahagan 7/10/99