Memorial Service




Jim was a brilliant artist.

A man with the love of reason - a man with love for all…a man of quiet passion.

He changed the lives of everyone with whom he came into contact. He provoked, he made you think, he forced you to look at yourself. Whether it was with art, with attitude, with ideas - he stimulated your life.

He teased, he probed, he gently cajoled - never with anger, contempt or with sarcasm. Always with a smile, a chuckle and with love. He had the facility to bring everything down to earth - to the uncomplicated. He allowed you to express your ideas but also helped you to see other parts of yourself of which you may not have been aware.

He had a wonderful sense of humor and outlook even under the most trying circumstances. One during a hot, New York summer, when we were young college kids, completely broke, we took a job at a hot, steaming factory hammering out screwdriver shafts. I complained that it was a shame that college educated people like us had to do this. He remarked, "It isn't art but its coffee and cigarettes."

He gave, and gave, and gave but never asked for anything in return. He loved his family passionately. The mark of this man in the history of time will not only be his glorious art, but that he leaves a legacy of love that will live on in the lives of everyone he touched.

Gene Lesser 7/10/99